Travel Tuesday: Captivating Chicago

Travel Tuesday: Captivating Chicago

Travel Tuesday: Captivating Chicago 884 1024 Suzanna Hamilton

Deep Dish Pizza. Steak. The River. Architecture. The Arts. Millennium Park. Two Baseball Teams. Michigan Avenue Shopping.  The U.S. Pizza Museum.  Chicago is a sophisticated and cultured city filled with urbane people and interesting attractions.  The river winds through downtown providing a unique urban landscape wherein some of the most iconic buildings in the country frame the river and define the city. The Chicago Architectural River Cruise is considered one of the Top 10 sightseeing tours in the U.S., and it’s a fascinating and educational investment that’s well worth the two-hour trip. From corporate headquarters to residential high rises, the city unfolds through the lens of fantastic design while viewed from the top tier of a boat.

Many of the river-front buildings offer restaurants on the ground floor making summer dinners particularly relaxing as the sun sets over the water while enjoying a famous Chicago steak.  My favorite steakhouse is Chicago Cut Steakhouse, but there are many great ones throughout the city.  If you’d rather opt for the renowned Chicago deep dish pizza, Lou Malnati’s is the best. Huge pies are served piping hot and loaded with toppings and cheese – it’s a meal you won’t forget! In August the U.S. Pizza Museum will open in Chicago, and New York will have to defend thin crust pizza against Chicago’s famous deep dish version.

Pritzker Pavilion at Millennial Park

Millennial Park


Millenium Park is a beautiful oasis in the city that provides expansive green space and sculpture for a respite from the bustling city. The Pritzker Pavillion commands attention and is a striking 21st century sculptural spot where summer concerts can be heard. Nearby, the Art Institute of Chicago is a rich repository for art that spans millennia, genres, and mediums.  From ancient sculpture to American and European paintings to indigenous cultural objects, the museum is a beautiful and fascinating place to spend an afternoon.

Classical meets Modern in Downtown Chicago

Chi-Town is a city consumed with baseball, so you’re either a Cubs fan or a White Sox fan. However, when the season ends, the Bears, Blackhawks, and Bulls provide endless opportunities for sports enthusiasts. If architecture, the arts, sports, and food aren’t enough to hold your attention, there’s always the glamorous shopping that can be found on tony Michigan Avenue.

In addition to all of the human-created fun in Chicago, one of the best parts of the city is the lake. Lake Michigan anchors Chicago and her beaches provide respite from the summer heat as well as magical landscapes in winter snowstorms. While Chicago is a loud, busy city, it’s less crowded than New York and the attractions are more accessible than having to navigate Los Angeles traffic. Chicago offers so many rich, interesting, and diverse attractions. Put it on your travel list: you will not be disappointed.


An original bridge spans the river.